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Lens Correction Shader

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by SlashAndBurn » 20 Oct 2014, 14:01


I'm currently working on a prototype video player, design for roller coaster/game on iOS 8 and have a question about the lens correction shaders. I already implemented an Oculus Rift shader to test, but what will the actual shader look like. And what info would I need to provide, since the lenses/phone sizes will be different. Would I assume phone properties from it's identifier, or would the user need to enter information when they turn it on? Also I'm working with SceneKit.

On a side note, wouldn't it make sense to have a pass through shader?
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by liviuberechet » 20 Oct 2014, 15:46

That sounds amazing! Great job :)

Not sure if you are referring to the distortion correction or the colour aberration. I haven't looked into colour correction. Only lens distortion. I solved ours using a simple geometry with flat UV, used a camera to render to texture and deformed the geo to match the distortion. In terms of different phones, you will only have to worry about the optics combinations used. We have 5 combinations that we use (so 5 different distortion situations).

We haven't put too much effort into it since we are still waiting for the final lenses to arrive. Once I have them I can send you distortion grids for each one.

If you want I can send you a test flight to our app for you to analyse
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by pearlofMt » 10 Feb 2015, 07:59

yes but theres plastic and theres plastic - are we now going to see L lenses with higher grade plastic than the standard lens?
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by admin » 10 Feb 2015, 13:38

We actually use glass lenses. Since current model is more aimed for handheld, the extra 100g of eight wasn't a concern for us.
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